by Bango Skank

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released August 14, 2015

Recorded, mixed, and produced by Chepo Diaz at 818 Studios in Long Beach, CA between June and August 2015. All songs written and performed by Bango Skank.

Cover art design by Nanash Garcia

Bango Skank


Bango Skank is:
John Chavez - Vocals/Guitar
Lou Gonzo - Bass
Victor Moore - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Ryan Habelitz - Drums

Eighth Mob Records (2015)




all rights reserved


Early Morning Records Long Beach, California

Independent Artists with different styles of music hailing from Long Beach, California.

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Track Name: Ballistic Missiles
Pressure's on and it doesn't stop
Head feels like it's gonna pop
Brain is stupid and your eyes are red
Trying out for the walking dead

Feeling like you wanna die
Nobody left you a piece of pie
Instead of giving you something deep
Here's something easy for you to keep

Taught myself to count in 3s
Trouble shaking the leaves off trees
Taught myself to count in 5s
Pretty mouth and green my eyes
Taught myself to count in 10s
I wanna be close to your bones again

Just last night you were close enough to touch
In the morning I found out just a little too much
Even as our love pushes daisies
There's a part of you trying to save me
The part of me that wants this done
Looking for a way out from under your thumb
(Here's a rip-off of another song...)

Looks like rain so you better get inside
Ballistic missiles killing your pride
You want a cure for the spell?
Only time will tell

Track Name: Petty Cash
I charged one dime to extract my brain
Or just gimme five cents
And I'll take care of the rest
What was that?
What did you say?
I didn't say anything
Just keep on walking

I did my part to earn some petty cash
But where did it get me?
It didn't last
Time falls off
Shit, I forgot
I'm wearing a mask
Don't put me on blast
Track Name: Their Bones
Foreign monsters dug into the Earth
What did they find beneath the dirt?
Thousands of gifts
Thousands of bones
Thousands of bodies
Thousands of souls

They took all of the bones
And sorted them by shape
Put them in boxes
Then stored them away

The house is peaceful
Children are sleeping
Mom’s in the bathtub
Dad’s watching TV
Foundation is shaking
Doors are pounding
People are screaming
Dogs are howling

This land isn’t yours
(But you built this city)
Track Name: Scurvy
He said,
“That’s what she said.”
But what did she say?
Wipe that look off your face
So she did and
She got the backhand
So where does she stand?
He put her in her place

He’s chained to his own obligations
She’s at home on permanent vacation

Because she’s got a disease
Lack of Vitamin C

He thought
She was faking
That she was taking
Advantage of his kind heart
So he set her straight
Not a minute too late
He left her in a vegetative state

He never thought he could
She began to spit up more blood

She’s at mercy of her own disease
And he brought her to her knees

Empty space inside his head
Enough room for a brain
Looking for a knife
To take away the pain
Went for a walk
In the pouring rain
Collapsed by the interstate
And now he’s a stain
Track Name: Busy Idiots
You've got your house shoes on
Judgement Day hasn't begun
You felt your hunger turn on
And you tried to blow up the sun

She took on more than she could
Took on the weight of the world
Then it all came crashing down
When you found out the Earth is round

And I thought that you said that it'd be okay
Driving miles to shit job you really hate
Got nothing to do on a Saturday night
You sit and you bitch and you moan about what isn't right

Running on an empty tank
And I've got my mother to thank
I'm stuck right in between
My girl Alice and the Red Queen

Track Name: Declined
My brain is fried
I lost my head
And I should have died
But I'm still alive

I ate my weight
In my own words
And until this day
I still haven't learned
Now it's my turn

I tried to write
I lost my words
So I got really high
And suffered a third-degree burn
I wanted new shoes
But my card got declined
I paid my dues
Yet I'm stuck here in the back of the line
All in due time

It's my decline and I'm doing just fine

I discovered hope
At the end of my rope
My gun's in its holster
And I have an ulcer
And also a fever of 103
Don't lose your cool when
Life's got you down on your knees
Now if you please